#GaszynChallenge made by Prografix

Prografix has taken up the challenge and joined the campaign #GaszynChallenge for Bartek. The aim of this sports activity is financially support of a sick boy.

Children from Municipal Social Welfare Centre in Debica nominated our company to take part in #GaszynChallenge for Bartek. We have taken up the challenge. Watch a short film – see how we’ve done it.

Charity challenge #GaszynChallenge has been started by firefighters from Gaszyn. Then they were joined by other organizations, institutions and enterprises. Nominated people or institutions have to perform 10 push-ups, donate minimum 5 PLN for the treatment of sick children. If nominated person doesn’t do push-ups it has to pay a minimum of 10 PLN – each nominated person. People who completed the challenge nominate other people or institutions (at least three) that have 48 hours to perform the task.

Prografix invited neighbour companies Olimp Labs and Tikkurila and the sports section SUMO Lubzina to join this noble goal.

This is not the first Prografix initiative to help other in need. We are involved in many projects in the field of corporate social responsibility. Every day, we try to support local communities, institutions and charity activities, and change the reality that surrounds us. We support artists, athletes and future staff of the bookbinding and printing industry. For example, we have been closely cooperating with Vocational School No. 1 in Dębica for more than 15 years. We also support the Polish Sumo Association, first league indoor football team, building of a well in Chad etc. Learn more about our CSR activities.