Prografix – partner of the Norwegian Samlerhuset Group

As Prografix we are proud to be a partner of the Norwegian Samlerhuset Group. We have been providing print communication services for 11 Samlerhuset branches in Europe since 2011. Our services include personalizing, printing and distribution of various communication materials.

For Samlerhuset Group in Poland – Skarbnica Narodowa

Cooperation since 2011.  Prografix implements different types of personalized standard and non-standard print communication products.

  • For Samlerhuset Group in Poland  Prografix implements diferent versions of personalized envelope mailings, selfmailers, catalogs & books, foil booklets, leaflets, certificates.
  • The total annual volume is about 3,330,000 ready printed materials, sending by post or transporting to several places in Poland – to the customer’s warehouses.
  • Different graphic versions are properly prepared and processed by our DTP, CTP department.

For Samlerhuset Group in Czech Republic – Národní Pokladnice and Slovak Národná Pokladnica


  • Cooperation since 2012. 
  • For Samlerhuset Group in Czech Republic  Prografix prints and personalized mailings in an envelope, selfmailers, leaflets. 
  • Volume: 6,075,000 items per year.
  • We manage the database (creation, hygiene and expansion of databases). We meet all requirements for the protection of personal data confirmed by the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Certificate.


  • Cooperation since 2011. 
  • For Samlerhuset Group in Slovakia  Prografix prints about 1 520 000 mailings, selfmailers, leaflets per year.
  • Prografix can design, personalise and print various nonstandard formats. These include: simple folded leaflets, complex minifolders, catalogs (various types of binding), selfmailers, nonstandard POS, wobblers and 3d pop-up’s.
  • This could also include production of any scratch cards, stickers, labels and coupons.

For Samlerhuset Group in Finland – Suomen Moneta

  • Cooperation since 2019
  • For Samlerhuset Group in Finland Prografix prints 4 types of personalized mailings and selfmailers of total annual volume over 235 000.
  • Prografix offers perfect finish for printed materials: varnishing, lamination, binding etc. For Suomen Moneta we make, among others UV varnishing and folding with the application of jelly glue.

For Samlerhuset Group in the United Kingdom – The London Mint Office

  • Cooperation since 2019.
  • For Samlerhuset Group in United Kongdom Prografix prints hardcover sewn-glued binding books. 
  • 5 versions in volume 40 000 were sent to the customer’s warehouse in the UK.
  • Prografix offer commercial print – leaflets, brochures, catalogs, posters in saddle or loop stitching, perfect binding. We also offer hardcover and spiral binding.

  For Samlerhuset Group in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – MONETŲ NAMAI, EESTI MÜNDIÄRI, LATVIJAS MONĒTU

  • Cooperation since 2019. 
  • For Samlerhuset Group in Łotwa, Litwa, Estonia Prografix prints mailings, selfmailers, leaflets.
  • We print and personalise on offset, coated, self-copying, dyed in mass and decorative paper, as well as one and twosided coated cartons.
  • We also print on synthetic raw materials – white and transparent plastics, on selfadhesive and electrostatic foil. We fulfill orders in CMYK and special Pantone colours.

For Samlerhuset Group in Hungary – Magyar Éremkibocsátó Kft.

  • Cooperation since 2012. 
  • For Samlerhuset Group in  Hungary  Prografix prints mailings and selfmailers.
  • The total annual volume is about 660 000 mailings, selfmailers and leaflets. We insert materials into the envelope or pack in various quantity combinations of individual products. Each package is individually prepared for the final pickup location.

For Samlerhuset Group in Sweden –   MYNTHUSET SVERIGE

  • Cooperation since 2019. 
  • For Samlerhuset Group in Sweden  Prografix prisnts about 11, 000 mailing per year.
  • We provide each client with an individual consultant who accompanies each stage of cooperation and is responsible for coordinating all activities.

For Samlerhuset Group in Belgium –  HET BELGISCHE MUNTHUIS

  • Cooperation since 2017.
  • For Samlerhuset Group in Belgium  Prografix print, personalize and send mailings and selfmailers – 680 000 ready printed materials per year.
  • We organize distribution and transport:  sorted packages are segmented and sent by post or transported to several places to the customer’s warehouses.

We are happy to be a part of the team contributing to achieving your brand goals.
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