Prografix for Publishers

We have been working for leaders among educational publishers in Europe


Find out modern educational materials that we have been realizing for Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne (WSiP), the biggest educational publisher in Poland.

This includes sets, folders, boxes, multipacks. Each of them consist of colorful, double-sided cards – different titles, non-standard sizes and formats. Modern print technology and reach possibilities of choosing paper allow to produce custom and creative print products

The fully equipped bindery allows for various types of print enrichment (e.g. gloss varnishing; 3D varnishing, UV select, lamination, die cutting, cutting, etc.). Thanks to perfect finishing we produce a multi-sensor educational products, stimulating the child’s multi-sensory development.

Education materials also contain QR codes that supplements print with multimedia resources (e.g. audiobooks, articles, films, online exercises etc.). Education process with those materials is more engaging, effective and creative.

Matching, sorting, inserting, labelling, packing. We offer comprehensive packing of non-standard formats and shapes into envelopes, customized boxes, foil (wrapping / shrinking), tubes. We pack in various quantity combinations of individual products in the package. It can be performed manually or automatically. Finally, ready made products are prepared and distributed according to standards and requirements of post operators or courier services.

Everything made in Prografix. In-house, full-service #Fulfillment – from pdf to finished print products in the warehouse of Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne (WSiP).

Prografix for Don Bosco Medien GmbH

In-house, full-service #Fulfillment – from pdf to finished print in your customers’ mailboxes or in your warehouse!

E.g. Several versions of unique sets of different cards for Don Bosco Medien GmbH. We prepared and completed both 32 colorful educational cards for kids and custom boxes. Additionally we finished the boxes with shrink foil before distribution to Germany.

We periodically produce different types of products for Don Bosco Medien GmbH – e.g. different titles, language versions, formats. 


Don Bosco Medien GmbH: „Prografix is a company worth recommending. It demonstrates high reliability in the implementation of commissioned projects.”

Prografix for Verlag Herder GmbH

Verlag Herder GmbH has been Prografix client since 2016. We have been printing personalized catalogues and folders. 

Every 2 months we send “Lesen & Hören” catalogues to the post office in Stahnsdorf #Germany) and then it reaches final consumers.

Additionally, we produce for #VerlagHerder #GmbH sets of colorful double-sided cards for children packed into a folder with elastic band. This is a perfect #tool to inspire children education!

Everything made in Prografix: direct marketing. In-house, full-service #Fulfillment – from pdf to finished print products in warehouse of Verlag Herder GmbH in Germany.

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