Prografix for Charity

Have you ever wondered how to build Emotional Relationships taking advantage of personal communication?

SOS Children’s Villages International 

Personalized mailing with „angel” for SOS Children’s Villages International in Poland. #Direct mail contained a colorful card with a die-cut element – a folded three-dimensional angel figure. Prografix: direct marketing also printed personalized letter and donor declaration. All elements were inserted into an envelope with a window, prepared and shipped according to Poczta Polska S. A. standards.

Fundacja DKMS

Prografix: direct marketing have been creating, printing, personalizing, finishing, packing and sending thousands of Christmas direct mailings (letters, cards, packs, etc.) for the last few weeks. A lot of beautiful words and personalized, colorful and creative images are being printed. Standard and non-standard formats, shapes and sizes are being used. We have also been attaching Christmas gadgets, gifts, vouchers, coupons, samples, etc. We are delighted and proud that we can help our Clients and partners in different countries around Europe to prepare and realize Christmas campaigns. We help to increase the loyalty and strengthen the image of the companies since we know that marketing and image communications are special, unique and (indispensable) important part of business. For several years we have been helping to realize direct mails campaigns for Fundacja DKMS. Please find two of them below – Christmas personalized mailings and wishes for Fundacja DKMS.


Hardcover books for Recently Prografix: direct marketing was proud to take part in the important project for young girls done by In cooperating with Polish startup we printed the educational books about young women puberty. it is the project that supports maturing girls and their parents. The book is intended to help to build a positive image of the female body, to strength self-confidence and trust to their body among young girls.

What is interesting, the next book of MOONKA is dedicated for young men. Find out more about this Polish startup and its projects on their website.

Kosmos for girls

We present the 14th issue of magazine Fundacja Kosmos dla Dziewczynek – Cosmos for Girls Foundation – personalized, printed, packaged and sent by Prografix: direct marketing.

Since 2017 all subscribers of the magazine have the opportunity to personalize (dedicate) cover of the bimonthly magazine. Prografix receives a client’s data base, accordingly to what  prepares and personalizes magazines. Prografix: direct marketing helps clients reach their consumers with individual message, both in the text and the image. Thanks to advanced printing technologies and reliable database management Prografix personalizes over 1 000 000 documents every day.

We are experts in #personalized marketing communication. We provide comprehensive service to our clients, starting with creation, through IT support, ending with logistics and distribution of produced materials.

We are involved in many corporate social responsibility projects. Every day we try to support local communities, institutions and charitable activities – to change the reality that surrounds us. We support artists, athletes and future employees of the bookbinding and printing industry. For over 15 years we have been working closely with the Vocational School Complex No. 1 in Dębica. We also support the Polish Sumo Association, the football team, the construction of a well in Chad, etc.

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