Data entry i fulfilment

We provide clients with professional support in managing key processes at every stage of cooperation.

Managing returns:

Managing returns:

  • efficient and fast returns service,
  • increasing process profitability,
  • online reporting at every stage of production,
  • electronic registration of shipment returns.
Scanning and archiving:

Scanning and archiving:

  • comprehensive database hygiene,
  • IT team dedicated to a given project,
  • securely entering reports into the Customer’s system,
  • scanning and electronic archiving of materials (coupons, forms),
  • flexible data entry program,
  • receiving and organizing records.


  • supporting activities of our Customers thanks to advanced logistics solutions,
  • importing files with orders -online, by phone or directly,
  • complete shipping documentation including cash on delivery,
  • favourable contracts with Poczta Polska and leading courier companies,
  • optimization of delivery time and guarantee of the best service conditions,
  • manual and machine packaging for personalized shipments,
  • monitoring receivables,
  • sending international shipments.


  • managing incoming and outgoing goods,
  • the highest quality of distribution,
  • online access to information about stored goods,
  • full insurance of stored products,
  • monitoring and delivery of shipments,
  • transport of produced materials.

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