Offset and digital printing

As part of the offset and digital printing service, we provide our Customers with comprehensive technological solutions, security of all materials and distribution to branches, points of sales and end consumers.a




This is the basic element of the process that determines the quality of the print and ensures full visual compatibility starting from the creative design through to the final print.


To meet the expectations of our Customers, we provide:

  • graphic design adaptations,
  • preparation of files for DTP and CTP printing,
  • preparation of linguistic adaptations.


Our innovative machine park and a trained team of professionals guarantee print quality.

We provide high printing standards, including:
• leaflets, inserts,
• brochures and catalogues,
• posters, wobblers, pop-up materials,
• letters and forms,
• envelopes,
• self-mailers,
• other personalized prints (including barcodes, QR).



We know that marketing success is in the detail.
We always care about the highest quality of advertising materials.

Finishes on our side:
• print enrichment (UV varnish, UV Select, dispersion and offset varnish and lamination: mat, shine, soft touch and structured foils),
• die-cutting (sheet and product), non-standard cutting tools,
• folding (regular and sandwich labels, scratch cards, perforations, cold and hot glue application),
• binding (stitched, perfect: soft and hard, sewn-glued, spiral, notebooks),
• foliation (loose, heat shrink, printed foils),
• enveloping (various envelope formats (including non-standard ones), windowed envelopes, non-windowed envelopes, comparing data, addressing envelopes in line with enveloping, sorting by postal standards),
• manual and machine packing.



We have designed a proprietary Print Management System that ensures smooth delivery and minimizes storage costs.

Our logistics solutions include:

  • storage,
  • automatic resource renewal,
  • ordering and delivery of materials to the indicated addressee,
  • distribution along with transport optimization.


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