Glitter printing enhances marketing communication

Finishing of print that sparkles. It adds a glamour effect to your business communication.

Glitter varnishing – what it is?

Glitter varnishing – many small, light-reflecting platelets on print material. Because of the different orientation of these mirrors, they glitter at different times as the subject moves. Depending on the density and amount of used glitter, we have different results and intensity of effects. Sea sand or orange peel. Is that possible? Yes, and you can feel it with your fingers. Glitter varnishing can be applied either selectively or in a whole sheet.

How do we do it?

Glittering is done using the screen printing technique. The application consists in adding glitter particles in a certain amount to the screen printing UV varnish.

Varnishes of this type are available in various colors (gold, silver, multicolor). The lighter the shade of the glitter, the stronger the light reflection, the better the effect. Therefore, gold and silver provide the most impressive effects.

How do brands use it?

  • LUXURY like print marketing for Retail industry

Brands often tend to use this kind of embossing to stand out from the crowd and to strengthen brand users experiences. Why? The unique appearance of these stickers attract the attention of customers in a special way. Touching of glittering paper is a memory reinforcing experience.

  • MULTI-SENSORY educational product for publishing industry

Thanks to this finishing publishers who produce a multi-sensory educational products, can stimulate a child’s development. This technique works great especially on products intended for the smallest children.  It is attractive thanks to vivid colors and 3D sensual effect.

Let’s talk about it!

Enhance your customers’ experience by using glitter printing. Watch client’s thumbs up when they pick up a piece of your brand communication.

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